Walker Carry Pouch/Urinary Drainage Bag Cover

•  Wheelchair, walker, or bedside use
•  Hook & Loop adjustable straps for attachment
•  Center top snap closure
Urinary Drainage Bag Cover
KMP Item # Size Description
UDP110* 10"w x 10"l Smaller than universal size bags
UDP112* 12"w x 10"l Fits most universal bags
UDP114* 14"w x 12"l Full size
*These item #'s correspond to the single ply,
3 ounce, non-woven disposable cover in blue.
For other materials and colors, add a color code from below.
Urinary Drainage Bag Cover Urinary Drainage Bag Cover

Poly Cotton Twill Fabric - 7 Ounce

Available with Clear View Window
Sample Color KMP Item # with Window
  Burgundy UDP***-7BD UDP***-7VBD
  Black UDP***-7BK UDP***-7VBK
  White UDP***-7WH UDP***-7VWH
  Yellow UDP***-7YW UDP***-7VYW
  Teal UDP***-7TL UDP***-7VTL
  Navy UDP***-7NV UDP***-7VNV
Also available in Black Vinyl
  Black UDP***-BV UDP***-BVV

Catheter Leg Band

  KMP Item # Size Description
Catheter Leg Band UDP201 X Small - Small

Band holds urinary drainage tubes safely in place on inner thigh.

Stretch elastic with hook & loop closure

UDP202 Medium - Large
UDP203 X Large - 2X Large


KMP will gladly customize any pouch product. Whether your needs are snap, velcro-closure, specific dimensions, or a particular material preference; we can help. Please let us know and we will be happy to design a sample product that meets your requirements.

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