Telemetry pouch in use.Telemetry Pouch In Use

More than twenty years ago (KMP), Kangaroo Medical Products  was first made aware of the need for a small disposable pouch to house a telemetry monitoring device.  KMP immediately went  to work and  created   several prototype pouches for cardiac monitoring, then  submitted them to St. John's Regional Health Care Center for approval.

KMP's designs proved to be a successful fit for St. John's application requirements. Over the years the product line developed and expanded to include more than 20 different types and sizes of pouches used for medical monitoring devices; many of which were initially designed to suit specific patient needs.

Pictured is a telemetry pouch being used in one of the rehabilitation programs at St. John's Hammons Heart Institute.



KMP will gladly customize any pouch product. Whether your needs are snap, velcro-closure, specific dimensions, or a particular material preference; we can help. Please let us know and we will be happy to design a sample product that meets your requirements.

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