Female Insulin Pump Pouch with Belt

Insulin Pump Pouch on mannequin
•  Soft, durable, belted pouches created especially for females who enjoy wearing skirts and dresses
•  Fits smoothly under clothing next to body
•  Pouch can be positioned vertically or horizontally for top or side opening
•  Available for right or left handed individuals
Individually Packaged

A friend of mine Joy Johnson, a five year insulin pump wearer came to me with feelings of elation announcing the news that she and Todd Stassel were going to be married in July 2005. She wanted to wear a skirt to her bridal shower, as well as the dream of wearing her formal wedding dress for their special day without having difficulties in wearing her insulin pump.

Together with her suggestions and directions these new products were developed especially for females that enjoy wearing clothing other than pants or slacks for everyday and special occasions. Joy's desire was to have a product that was secure, comfortable and adjustable. The Pouch is made of stretch fabric to accommodate her pump. The belt fits comfortably without pinching or feeling tight on her waist but retains the security of keeping the pump in the pouch without falling out. The Garter Belt Extender was inspired and created for her events but can be worn everyday as well.

Joy made me aware of the problems that she had with existing products that are available to insulin pump wearers and we at Kangaroo Medical Products offer Joy's pouches and belts for insulin pump wearers. The door has been opening for KMP's innovation and creativity for other items for adults, and especially for children.

Description / KMP Item # Specifications  
Lycra Stretch Pouch
5.5"L x 3"W
White or Black;
Velcro Closure
Insulin Pump Pouch
Waist Belt
Sm/Med IPP2000
Lg/XL IPP2100
Elasticized stretch loop belt with adjustable glide for comfort and fit
Colors: White and Black
Insulin Pump Pouch Waist Belt
Thigh Belt
Sm/Med IPP3000
Lg/XL IPP3100
Elasticized Stretch Loop Band
1.5" width
Adjustable Hook and Loop
Insulin Pump Pouch Thigh Belt
Garter Belt Extender
Elasticized stretch loop belt with garter belt extensions
Right or left handed
Insulin Pump Pouch Garter Belt Extender

KMP will gladly customize any pouch product. Whether your needs are snap, velcro-closure, specific dimensions, or a particular material preference; we can help. Please let us know and we will be happy to design a sample product that meets your requirements.

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