Kangakold Ice Therapy Bag & Pouch

•  Outside pouch made from soft, non-woven material.
•  Top snap closure keeps the inner pouch in place
•  Inside pouch made from rubber-backed material which absorbs condensation while maximizing coolness of ice
•  Two 27" straps to ensure pouch remains in place
•  Leak proof zip lock ice bag
•  Fill clear zip lock bag with ice and seal securely
•  Slide the bag into the dark blue moisture control sleeve
•  Place assembled bag and condensation sleeve into the light blue pouch
•  Attach pouch to area to be treated and secure using the attached straps
KMP Item # Description Size Pack Case
KMPIP695 Kangakold Ice Therapy Bag & Pouch 6.5"x 9.5" 10/10 100

KMP will gladly customize any pouch product. Whether your needs are snap, velcro-closure, specific dimensions, or a particular material preference; we can help. Please let us know and we will be happy to design a sample product that meets your requirements.

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